The Vile Advertisements of Roe at 40

Perhaps you have seen this disturbing promotion of the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade circulating the internet. If not, it can be viewed here: Happy Anniversary, Baby

Let’s face it, the abortion debate is a long-heated one. I know friends who hold both positions and even though I stand in opposition to abortion, dialogue ensues well. But this form of vile promotion and endorsement of Roe v. Wade is like a high school athlete strutting around his glory in the face of people he deems to be lower than himself. It is exactly this type of promotion which stalls progress in talks, that eliminates any hope for progressive dialogue amongst two different sides.

I am not entirely surprised to see such ads, however. I’ve long engaged in the abortion debate and have delivered guest lectures at the collegiate level on the issue, twice last year specifically on Roe v. Wade for ethics courses at Denver Seminary. The attitude of this video, however, is most disturbing. People can run in circles about whether the unborn is a person (which in full disclosure, I believe it to be). But to add an aura of sexiness and boastfulness is both disgusting and uncalled for. It presents an attitude that has long remained implicit, we live in a society which wants no responsibility for its actions. Our society craves sex and flocks to what it deems (though not necessarily what is) sexy. So the vibe in this video is not shocking. But in society’s pursuit of immediate pleasure, whether via sex or otherwise, we want little or no responsibility of our action. That is directly what this video purports; “Hey, let’s get it on and if trouble ensues afterward, we have a backup plan.”

This video is not merely about abortion and one position on it. No, it is an indictment of where culture is, and where it wants to continue to be. The treatment of something like abortion as something romantic is utterly baffling. It is by no means a pleasant procedure. It is riddled with physical and psychological effects that even abortion advocates admit. So the fact that abortion – something typically classified under women’s rights – is treated in this romantic by a male is quite odd. This again, puts forth another cultural indictment, one which allows men to do what feels good (especially if it is sex) and bear no consequences. It is exactly this attitude, the “dead-beat dad” syndrome, that politicians on both sides of the aisle want to rid society of. Yet, here it is, promoted and exemplified by a male actor. Because what do we want? The fun, the pleasure, the excitement, and to bear no consequence. Well, consequences there are to be had, whether by the woman, or, for God’s sake, the unborn.

This video is not just about Roe. It’s not about abortion. It’s about the attitude that runs rampant in our society. Behind every thought and feeling is a belief. Beliefs can go unspoken, yet must be exposed and challenged. Here we have a major one, folks. It is one that sweeps our world. We are the society free of responsibility and personal accountability. The issue of abortion must continue to be battled. And let it be a hard fought one. Yet the cultural epidemic is the attitude that frees one from personal responsibility. That’s where we are. We see it in this video. How much further can we go?

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